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in the local economy of the area, but even more strikingly, because during her lifetime and during jesus' lifetime, mag dala became a service community for the larger city called tiber just which has been bill by the governor and which was known for its uncleanness. >> after jesus died he was buried in the fume and mary magdalene was the first within a group of women. >> exactly. >> to go to visit the tomb and. >> to anoint his body. >> was that the first anointing? >> had is not the first anointing that she's involved with, but it is the first after his death. >> she anointed christ's body twice, while he was alive and while he was dead. >> exactly. >> other women were with mary when she visited the tomb according to the gospels? >> their names vary from gospel to gospel. had is agreement there were other women involved. >> other women in jesus' life. >> quie clearly. his group of disciples probably totalled about 30 and they included both men and women. >> how many women? >> we can't say because the breakdown is not given to us. however, i would estimate we are dealing with about a doz
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1